RWIR #15: Enough is Enough

That title pretty much sums it up. It has been a crap week for recovery and an even worse week for training. My 0 to ultra plan has fallen to the wayside completely as I’ve tried to balance pain with progress.

Activity: Cardio + Rehab
Relevant Stats: 25 minutes cardio + 45 minutes rehab exercises
Observations: After last Friday’s epic failure and still in pain, I opted for a brief gym workout. I wanted to get my body moving to see if it improved the situation.  While it didn’t make things worse, it also did not improve matters. Yet again, I was discouraged.

Activity: Cardio + Rehab
Relevant Stats: 15 minutes cardio + 45 minutes rehab exercises
Observations: In a total and utter funk, and after hours of dress and gift shopping in a crowded mall (my own personal version of hell), all I could muster was a workout largely focused on my rehab exercises. It didn’t feel like enough, but I had no spirit and energy to bring to the table. None.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes
Observations: This was my first decent workout in days. I worked hard, did sprints (which I hate) and broke a good sweat. Also, my SI felt ten times better afterwards. Instead of making me happy, this only got me more riled up because I don’t understand what is making it worse nor better. Inconsistencies are not my friend.

Activity: Cardio + Rehab
Relevant Stats: 30 minutes stairs + 30 minutes strength
Observations: I have a love/hate relationship with running stairs. I know it’s good for me, and sometimes I have the mindset to just power through, but it just never gets easy. This was a better day in the spectrum of hate to love and I knocked out a solid 30 in my building’s stairwell. Only one tiny apartment dog was nearly harmed in the process (don’t ask).

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: I knew this was my last chance for a decent workout before wedding weekend adventures where access to motivation and means would be limited. After my adventures on the stairs, and a day of spin, I suffered some seriously tight calves.

Activity: sitting on my ass on  a plane then in a car
Relevant Stats: travel day…sigh
Observations: We spent a day on our asses and then were reunited with great friends who treated us to a deliciously large but totally unearned steak dinner complete with ice cream cake. And wine. Holidays are the best.

Activity: walking
Relevant Stats: touristy things!!!
Observations: With a full agenda including a trip to Niagara Falls and family dinner in Niagara on the lake, ain’t nobody got time for workouts. I will have to settle on the health benefits of walking and sweating off five pounds in the humidity and heat.

I think it’s clear that progress did not occur this week, and next week will likely be the same as I’ll be focused on family time, wedding festivities, and touristy things.  And so, I give this week a firm:

going nowhere


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