Mid-Week Update: Treatment Plan of Champions

You may recall on Monday, I talked about reaching my own personal breaking point with my SI injury. If not, you should be reading my blog more often! At any rate, I’m pleased to announce we have a new and improved treatment plan in place (by we, I mean me and my cadre of health care practitioners).

As loyal (okay, maybe occasional) readers, you get a sneak peak into my shiny new plan. Can you barely contain your excitement? Here we go. Here is my plan for getting this body back in working order:

1. Bi-weekly laser therapy: For the next three weeks, I will hand over wads of my hard-earned (that part may be debatable) cash not once but twice per week in efforts to focus on aggressively reducing inflammation. I am okay with this, aside from the cost component, as it’s rather relaxing and sort of like taking a 10 minute, mid-day meditation break.

2. In tandem with laser treatments, I am moving forward with an MRI. This is for peace of mind, more than anything, as it’s likely not going to do much other than show that there is inflammation in the area. However, on the off chance that it’s some other debilitating illness or spinal issue, I am game to give it a whirl. What else do I have to drop a cool grand on, right? My only fear with an MRI is that I have some piece of unknown and errant metal in my body that will cause that part of my body to be pulled out by sheer magnetic force. I realize this is not actually what happens, but fear is rarely rational.

3. Prolotherapy: this is contingent on the MRI, of course, but assuming that all it reveals is inflammation, I’m ready to go this route. I’ve read a lot of conflicting information about the benefits of prolotherapy, but a lot of nay-sayers tend to be physicians who don’t value alternate practices or individuals who’ve had bad experiences. I can’t say I’m terribly excited about a needle in my spinal area, but it seems my best option. Also, it is incredibly cool to think that injecting an “irritant agent” into a damaged space causes a reaction that simulates ligament repair. The body’s reaction is sometimes amazing.

There you have it, easy as 1-2-3. And how often do we get to say that in life?


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