RWIR #14: Can’t Shake It

Another week of recovery and testing my fitness limits, and another week of realizing my injury is still there in all its irritating glory. If there were emojis on WordPress, I would insert a rage face here.

Activity: Gym (cardio + rehab)
Relevant Stats: 20 minutes stairs, 12 minutes “running” intervals, 45 min. rehab
Observations:  After two back to back days on the BCMC, and with rain in the forecast, I opted for no hiking on Saturday. In its place, I had breakfast with the girls and caught up on life and then found myself completely unmotivated to work out. As a compromise, I told myself I’d go to the gym, do at least 10 minutes of cardio, but then I could just do my rehab exercises if I was over the cardio. I lasted a bit longer with cardio and even tested out some one-minute running intervals (three of them to be exact). You can see what I thought of them here.

Activity: Hike + Stairs
Relevant Stats: 8km & 420m elevation gain, 2km of stairs
Observations: You may sense a theme when I say that I opted for a leisurely breakfast in lieu of an early start to a long hiking day. I like my breakfast. I picked a short hike, which was supposedly 10km but my tracking app topped out at 8km. I even ran some (very, very brief) down hill sections with no SI injury. At the end, I felt the trail hadn’t been challenging enough to constitute a legit workout. Lucky for me, there was a set of 230 stairs nearby and I punished myself with a half hour of running stairs which somehow worked out to a 2km! Eek!

Activity: Spin + Rehab
Relevant Stats: 30 minutes spin, 30 minutes rehab
Observations: My legs were beyond dead after running stairs for the first time in almost two months. I struggled to spin with low resistance and opted to move on to rehab exercises after only a half hour. I can’t say I did much better with my rehab. I considered Monday a fail.

Activity: Personal training session
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes
Observations: My trainer keeps telling me I need to give myself more time for recovery. She wasn’t pleased with my one minute running intervals.  I swear she told me I could do one minute intervals but on Tuesday she had changed her tune and was saying I should be starting with 30 second intervals. And that I probably should be following a 2 days on, 1 day off pattern with my workouts. None of this seems right to me, and I was discouraged. Relatively speaking, my activity level is nowhere near where it used to be so I feel like like I am already taking it way too easy. I refuse to accept this advice.

Activity: Spin + Running Intervals
Relevant Stats: 40 minutes spin, 20 minutes running interval
Observations: Determined to prove my personal trainer wrong, I decided to work in a few more running intervals. This time I went with five one minute intervals within 20 minutes. I can’t say my SI was a super fan, but it didn’t seem all that bad afterwards.

Activity: None
Relevant Stats: Planned rest day
Observations: I’m thankful it was my planned rest day because my SI woke up cranky (i.e. it hurt…a lot). On my walk to work I regretted not having my SI belt with me. Each step felt jarring. Thankfully it got better as the day went on, but it was definitely worse for the wear. Maybe my trainer is right…

Activity: None
Relevant Stats: Unplanned rest day (insert another rage face here)
Observations: I was debating whether the BCMC would make my SI feel worse or better and the consensus fell firmly in the “worse” camp. I hiked 200m of trail before turning around. It is beyond frustrating and a negative end to the week.

As much as I am trying to keep things light-hearted on here, I am really over daily stiffness and pain. I’m away for a while next week, but am committed to looking at some alternative approaches to fixing whatever this injury is (don’t worry, it won’t be internal coccyx adjustments). I am proud that I tested out more running and even actual stairs, but overwhelmingly I still give this week:



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