Monday Musings: A Visual Depiction of My Very Real Struggle with Motivation

I’ve written about motivation before but lately I’ve been struggling with workout motivation so it felt like a good time to revisit the topic. Recently I’ve experienced more than my fair share of lazy days, which for me are days when I don’t feel like working out at all but I force myself to do something anyway which almost always results in a half-assed workout. I walk away feeling zero fitness gains, and wondering if I would have been better off doing nothing at all.  It’s discouraging.  This recent workout slump got me thinking about my ratio of motivated days to unmotivated days. I have decided that ratio looks roughly like this:

Not exaggerating.
Not exaggerating.

It is a truly frightening picture, isn’t it?  Clearly, though, I don’t scrap a workout every time I don’t feel like it and this, of course, got me thinking about how I respond to lack of motivation.  I have a complicated relationship with low motivation, which is perfectly captured in the following:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 7.26.31 PM


Mathematically, several things about my response to low motivation are clear:

  • On the plus side, I am actually 100 times more disciplined than I give myself credit for. If only I could apply this discipline to other areas of my life…
  • I appear to complain about working out about 75% of the time, which means I likely have a large number of coworkers and friends who deserve an apology for having to put up with me. I’m not saying they will get it, nor that I will stop complaining, but they definitely deserve it.
  • I’m noticing that I feel better after exercise only about 10% of the time, which leads me to believe that the whole exercise endorphins thing is total crap. I cannot help but wonder, who is the brilliant mastermind who’s hoodwinked the running community into propagating this myth?
  • Maybe if I spent less time pie graphing about my lack of motivation, I’d have more energy for working out…

Here’s hoping this kickstarts a week of motivation!


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