Mid Week Gear Review: My Sudden & Very New Love Affair

I am madly in love with my new trail runners. And I fell hard and fast.

Can you blame me? These are damn sexy.
Can you blame me? These are damn sexy.

I have only worn them once. I didn’t even run in them (I’m still not trail running).  But from the moment I put them on my feet, I just knew these were the perfect shoe for my foot. You know how people always tell you when you meet that perfect person you’ll “just know” and you’re all like “what the hell is that supposed to mean?” until it actually happens to you? My experience with these shoes was exactly like that. I didn’t think a shoe could be so perfect. And I like a lot of my shoes right off the bat.  But I only like them. This, this was love at first sight…and then first wear.

Let’s keep the whole relationship metaphor going. I don’t really believe in people ‘growing on you’.  It sounds ruthless, I’m sure, but if I don’t have a good feeling after a first date, I’m immediately out.  With running and hiking shoes, I’ve never bought into the whole “breaking shoes in” nonsense.  Either a shoe fits and feels fantastic the first time I wear it, or I’m going to kick it to the curb.

This perfectly explains how I don’t need to run in these to know that they will be magical. I don’t need to hike more than the 8 km I hiked in them to know they will replace all my light hikers. My feet were happy. They had room to move and spread. They felt cushioned and supported. The grip pattern kept me from sliding even on the loosest of rocks and the steepest of slopes (and Chilliwack trails offer some seriously steep sections).

As an added, but completely unnecessary bonus, they have just enough gaudy, over-the-top, flashy colour to suit my need for finding the most obnoxious looking shoes I can find. You can’t really tell from that picture, but I promise you the colours pop way more in real life. And just wait until my second pair arrives in the mail (because yes, I’ve already ordered another pair). Their colour palette is even bolder.

But what I love most about these shoes by far is that I took a total chance on them.  I ordered them after trying on a few other brands that felt anywhere from awful to ‘meh’ on my foot. I was discouraged. I felt like I’d never find the right shoe. And then I saw these and it’s like I just knew.   Sure, it was based on looks and a hunch at first but, really, isn’t that how most good things seem to come about in life?

To my Brooks Cascadia 11’s: here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Oh, the trails we will see together!



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