RWIR #12 (how has it been 12 weeks?!?)

I cannot believe that it’s been three months of TWIR/RWIRs! By now, I thought I’d have run my first mountain race (the 13km Survival of the Fittest) and be deep into my training plan. Certainly things have shifted gears with a focus on recovery and strength building.  But I’ve already covered this, so let’s move on to where this week took me in training/recovery:

Activity: Stairs + Incline Walk + Rehab “Routine”
Relevant Stats: 50 min. Stairs, 10 minute walk, 60 min. rehab exercises
Observations:  I am not a fair weather hiker by any means, but when the rain starts bouncing off the pavement, even I have to question whether it’s worth it. Saturday was apparently the wettest day of the year here and I couldn’t stomach the thought of hiking in a torrential downpour. Instead, I decided to be all hardcore and spend a couple hours at the gym with a good mix of cardio and doing my training homework.  This turned out to be a good choice as it allowed for us to take a field trip to Golf Town where I learned that putters are ridiculously expensive and that golf product makers suffer the delusion that women want all of their golf gear in pink. Newsflash: we don’t.

Activity: HIKE!!!!
Relevant Stats: 8.5 km return, 650 m elevation gain
Observations: It was short and not what I would normally consider a real hike, but it is the most elevation gain I’ve done in a month and a half and it felt spectacular. The trail was muddy care of Saturday’s rain, and quite slick in spaces, so I was a bit anxious about slipping and hurting my SI. Luckily I emerged from the trail unscathed, and even a couple of slides on wet mud didn’t seem to aggravate my injury. The scariest part of this trail actually ended up being the frogger-like jaunt across the Sea-to-Sky highway to get to the trailhead!

Activity: Elliptical + Stairs + Rehab Exercises
Relevant Stats: 75 min. in total
Observations: Likely this should have been my rest day but it was sunshine-y outside and it made me want to do something, so I opted for a gym session mixing cardio with my rehab exercises. I can’t say it was my best workout, but at least it was something.

Activity: Training Session
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
Observations: We are continuing to progress in training. This week’s add-ons included: farmer carries, L sits (which I am still doing only with modifications…in other words, I can’t actually lift my legs), some sort of weird backwards walking thing that I like to describe as the “t-rex moonwalk”, 55 lb deadlifts (without aggravating my SI!!!!), bear crawls on sliders (even less fun than regular bear crawls) and increased weights all around.  Good times.  I also have the go ahead for run/walk intervals–1 minute running, 5 minute walking.  It’s more of a test than getting back into running in a real way and I actually think it will be harder for me to do intervals than anything. I’ve never been good with the whole run/walk concept, but I suppose if I’ve learned anything through this process it’s that I need to stop jumping back into things.

Activity: Rest Day
Relevant Stats: 1 clothes closet tidied, 5 loads of laundry
Observations: Boredom struck pretty hard last night when I planned for a walk outside, and instead found myself trapped inside while the deluge struck.  Instead, I filled two bags with clothes I never wear, finally hung up all the crap in my closet, washed a crap ton of laundry, and still felt like the laziest human on the planet.

Activity: Spin + Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 60 minutes spin, 10 min. elliptical
Observations: I tried for an hour and a half of cardio but after ten minutes on the elliptical I threw in the towel. I have not been feeling workouts the last couple of days and really look forward to getting back on the trails this weekend.  I’m especially excited because I think my new trail runners have arrived at the office!

Activity: Spin + Rehab Exercises
Relevant Stats: 20 min spin warmup + 40 min. rehab
Observations: Today was a light day partially out of laziness and crankiness, and partly because the weekend is all about the hike and I wanted reasonably fresh legs.  So who cares about today because tomorrow is the start of HIKING WEEKEND!

Overall, I didn’t hike as much as I wanted to on the weekend, but the rain really is to blame for that.  The rest of the week was lackluster because of my own attitude.  So the best I can say about this week’s workouts is…


For next week, my goals are to build a training plan for my 0 to ultra in 100 days dream, and to add the BCMC trail into my weekday mix so that I hit THREE hikes in one week. I just hope I don’t get attacked by that cougar that’s been lurking at Grouse…


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