RWIR #11: Double Hike Extravaganza

We’re back and in a far better mental state than the last few weeks. Why? Because I‘ve spent more time in nature, which makes me very happy and balanced.  Let’s check out the week, shall we?

Activities: Hike + condensed rehab exercises
Relevant Stats: 9km, 300 m of elevation gain
Nature! Trees! More uphill than I’ve done in weeks! A winning combination, made only better by consuming copious amounts of wine and s’mores around a campfire that evening. Bonus: no SI pain or stiffness.

Activities: Hike/Walk
Relevant Stats: 14 km and probably 200m of elevation gain
Our first “trail” was a meagre one mile jaunt with something like 30 m of elevation gain.  It was lovely and went to the beach. I got my first sand dollar since I was a kid.  I was riding an outdoors high.  Our second trail, a forest service road trek of roughly 13km, robbed me of precisely 1/50th of my soul.  It was never-ending and I was just having one of those days where about 5 km in, I wanted the power to spontaneously transport myself back to the campfire.  I’m sorry to everyone who was with me because I was a royal grumpus.

Activities: Walk
Relevant Stats: Rest day
We got home and strolled through the city mostly because I need to be taken for daily walks or I get grumpy.  My SI was quite stiff after the weekend adventures so I also thought the walk would help loosen it up a bit. The wine with dinner helped more than the walk.

Activities: Spin + Rehab exercies
Relevant Stats: 55 min. spin + 40 minutes rehab exercises
Sweet Jesus, bear crawls are not my forte. They are extra awkward when trying to carve out a reasonably lengthy path through a 500 square foot apartment.

Activities: Personal training session + elliptical
Relevant Stats: 60 min. training session, 30 min. elliptical
32 lb single leg dead lifts!!!!!! I also graduated to weighted front squats, and the prowler. For the first time, I had an elevated heart rate and broke a sweat during a training session.  But who cares about all of that because my TRAINER WANTS ME TO TRY A HARDER HIKE!!!! Challenge accepted…on the weekend.

Activities: Spin + rehab (condensed version)
Relevant Stats: 50 min. spin + 15 min. rehab
My ass was sore from Wednesday’s dead lifts. I had zero energy from a bad night’s sleep. The 50 minute spin session was a miracle as I wanted to stop around 20 minutes. But I just kept reminding myself “you get to hike this weekend.”

Activities: Elliptical & Training Exercises
Relevant Stats: 40 min. cardio + 3o minute strength
Observations: It’s Friday. I am tired this week and had zero energy in the tank but at least I did something. And as of tomorrow I’ll be on the trail so at least there’s that.

All in all, it was a solid week of recovery so I give this week a big:

Any chance to integrate Leo into my blog...
Any chance to integrate Leo into my blog…

What’s in store for next week? My goal is to fit in two hikes this weekend, one of which will have at least 500 m of elevation gain.  If I survive those two hikes, the BCMC may be in store for a mid-week trail session…fingers crossed!


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