Injury-prone runner seeks neutral & “grippy” trail running shoes

If I were writing a personal ad to find new trail runners, that would be my tagline.  I feel as though it shouldn’t be that hard.  I prefer a shoe with good cushion, providing some but not too much stability (too much increases the likelihood of rolling my ankles), lots and lots of grip since I’m spastic and prone to slipping while descending, and they have to look good.

What? Is that a tall order?

Confession time: I’ve never actually bought proper trail runners. For years I ran in North Face hedgehog day hikers and they worked fine. But that was when I was young and spry and I probably could have run with sponges tied to the bottom of my feet and emerged unscathed. Now I need to take these things a little bit more seriously.

Everyone–and by everyone I mean about five people that I know who trail run–recommended Salomon trail runners. Well, I recently tried on about five different pairs and all of them are built with arches that are way too high for my feet.  In hopes of finding my ‘right fit’, I decided to use this “find your trail runner” feature on the Runner’s World website. Well, it turns out there’s a reason I need to place a personal ad for trail running shoes: I am a freak of footwear:

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.26.27 AM

Did you see that at the bottom? “No matching shoes were found.”  Well shoe “finder”, thanks for the help…and for being a traitor to your name.  Back to square one.

So, I’m launching my first official poll for suggestions for your favourite trail running shoes so that I can go on a shoe-trying-on binge in the near future (in glorious anticipation of returning to the trails).  Let your voice count on a completely banal issue!


5 thoughts on “Injury-prone runner seeks neutral & “grippy” trail running shoes”

  1. I’d also look at the Nike Wildhorse 3, La Sportiva Akasha, and New Balance Leadville v3. The Pearl Izumi EM Trail N2 v2 is another great shoe, but the grip is not very good when wet. It’s great otherwise though. The Cascadia is very popular and for good reason, but the toe box is a little more narrow than the other options I mentioned. Good luck finding your shoe, it can be a tough process, but worth it when you find the right one!


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