Monday Musings: Expectations vs. Reality

Cursed expectations! They certainly do bite me in the ass sometimes. I had a very clear picture in mind of where I’d be by this time in my training. It included some major distance gains and a lot of frolicking about in scenic mountain wonderlands (i.e. trail running). None of this has panned out over the last month.

The following perfectly summarizes my expectations for where I would be in my training vs. where I actually am.  Please note: Although I absolutely love to complain and feel sorry for myself, this is by no means meant to be either of those things.  I’ve been surprisingly zen about things over the last couple of weeks. It’s just a playful reminder about the wondrous curveballs life sometimes throws our way.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.46.13 PM

Ah, such a great divide and proof that even the best laid plans…you know the rest of the story.


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