RWIR #9: Officially Turning into Recovery Week in Reviews

Yes, it’s official: no longer is it a training week in review. Now it’s firmly in the camp of recovery week in review.  My goal for this week was at least two one-hour cardio sessions and integration of lower body strength work.  Let’s see how we did.

Activity: Elliptical + rehab exercises
Relevant Stats: 45 minutes elliptical + 15 minutes strength
Observations: My biggest gripe about Saturday’s workout was that I was informed upon entering my gym that my membership expired more than two months ago. How does that go unnoticed when I scan in five days a week?!? As a result, my workout started with me dropping $1000 bucks.  Grrrr.

Activity: None
Relevant Stats: completely unnecessary rest day
Observations: I haven’t been working hard lately so rest days seem rather unnecessary. However, since we were hosting brunch for 10 and then I had to work in the evening, there was no optimal time for a workout anyway. Instead I ate bacon, and scones, and pizza and beer and promptly felt the literal weight of my decisions.

Activity: Spin + Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 35 min. spin, 25 min. elliptical
Observations: Half way to my goal of two one-hour cardio sessions this week! The bike didn’t feel great but also didn’t feel terrible. Progress. I give myself extra kudos for this one as I had facilitated all day, which I find draining as it is, but also it forced me to work out at end of day which I never do because what I want to do at 4:30 is funnel as much wine as possible down my throat.

Activity: Spin + Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 6 min. elliptical, 50 min. spin
Observations: Another end of day workout in the bag and SO close to the hour long-workout.  Why the 6 minute elliptical? I was waiting for the spin bikes to free up.  Why stop just short of an hour? I ran out of time. Still, I was able to do standing sprints. Although I felt horrendously out of shape the entire time, it was the best range of motion I’ve seen in a long time.

Activity: Spin + Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 30 minute spin + 15 minute elliptical
Observations: Are you as bored reading about spin and elliptical as I am doing them? You should be. I was monumentally bored and had zero desire to do anything, hence the 45 minute workout.

Activity: Personal Training + Failed Spin Attempt + Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 60 min. training session, 2 min spin (failed attempt) + 60 min. elliptical
Observations: First personal training session!!!! What I loved most about it is that I didn’t even work up a sweat. The movements I’m working on are so basic and unweighted, and mostly involve me constantly battling my hip’s tendency to “hike up” and throw my whole body out of whack.  I then tried to go directly to the gym but realized once I got there that I didn’t have my headphones.  I don’t know if anyone out there actually likes the heinous brand of dance-remix-gym music, but I certainly don’t.  I opted to return later in the day for a full hour on the elliptical. Sweet holy hell, an hour on the ellipitcal feels like an eternity.

Activity: Spin + rehab exercises
Relevant Stats: 60 min. spin including sprints!
Observations: Finally I have graduated to an hour on the spin bike (relatively) pain free.  It hurt a bit but I think that was more due to it being first thing in the morning than actual injury pain.  But sprint I did, seated and standing and it was magical.  My rehab exercises were less magical, but necessary.

This week, progress feels impossibly slow but it is happening, so I give myself a:


Goals for next week? EVERY DAY is a 60 minute cardio day…and I’m going to hike…shhh. Don’t tell my trainer and my physiotherapist.  But it’ll be a tame one, I promise!!!!


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