Mid-Week Reality Check: I Have Lazy Glutes (and you probably do too)

The first time I was told I had lazy glutes was about six years ago, and I had no idea what it meant. Initially, it conjured up an image of my glutes laying idly on the coach, munching on potato chips and throwing cheap insults at my other major muscle groups like “Suck it quadriceps, I’m taking a permanent vacation! Have fun doing all my work for me.”


My lazy glutes aren’t nearly so cute…but this captures the essence of their sloth-like ways. Plus, come on, kittens are freaking adorable!

Here’s the awkward thing about lazy glutes: they’re so sneaky in their laziness that you don’t even notice that your other muscles are compensating.  I can hike like a mad woman. I can do squats for days. I can do walking lunges like there’s no tomorrow. I can do all of this without my glutes getting sore. Naturally, I thought I had glutes of steel. Turns out when your glutes don’t get tired or sore, it’s not always a sign of unimaginable strength. Sometimes it’s because they’re being couch potatoes and letting your quads and hamstrings–or any other muscle that is willing to lend a hand–do the heavy lifting.

Deceptive little buggars.

Turns out lazy glutes are notorious in runners because runners tend to focus on building/using the muscles that are required to move them forward. Our glutes are not essential to this range of motion. I thought I would side step that land mine because of all my hiking, but it doesn’t always work that way. Turns out once your body gets used to not using its glutes, it’s hard to reawaken them.

If you’re suffering lazy glutes along with me, let’s band together and fight back.  My glutes are going to be forced back from their lengthy vacation and they’re going to feel the pain of their time off.  Just like me when I come back from vacation, I’m sure it’ll take them a while to settle into the daily grind.  Coming back from vacation is often a rude awakening.  Such is life. That’s right, glutes, no more self-indulgent laughing and heckling my poor, overworked quads.  It’s time to pull your own weight.



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