TWIR #8…or RWIR?

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from this week’s recovery and attempted workouts.  Coming back from an injury is never fun, but I decided this week that I was going to do as much as I could as long as I was pain free. So, rather than a training week in review, this is more of a recovery week in review (RWIR…not quite as catchy, but way more accurate).

Activities: Upper body workout + walking
Relevant Stats: Gym time 30 minutes, 13km walk
Observations: I hate upper body strength with a passion. The thing about running and trail running is that it really doesn’t require strong arms, and so I’ve spent virtually no time on upper body strength. After last week’s forced laziness, I needed to do SOMEthing active, but also knew that my SI was not in a place to do any cardio or lower body strength work. The unhappy medium was a short upper body workout during which I failed to even break a sweat and I’m sure my heart rate wasn’t elevated in the slightest. We also walked–a lot. That may have been a poor choice, as I was relegated to sitting during Saturday’s concert event. And I hate sitting at concerts.

Activities: Walking + Upper body workout
Relevant Stats:  8km walking, 45 min. strength training
Observations: Sunday’s success was walking up stairs like a normal human, instead of stepping up only with my right leg and then basically dragging my left leg up to meet it.  Victory.

Activities: Strength training (upper body…again)
Relevant Stats:  35 minutes (half assed)
Observations: By Monday, I  was so sick of basic arm exercises that I could barely even stand it.  The one glimmer of variety was that I was able to integrate wall sits and planks.  Still, I couldn’t wait to throw in the towel and end the soul-sucking boredom of this workout.

Activities: Strength training – FULL BODY!
Relevant Stats:  63 minutes
Observations: My physiotherapist told me (and this a direct quote) “you are not that fragile”. This was in response to me saying I was afraid to try any leg or glute strength exercises.  I was given the go-ahead to try hip bridges and some sort of modified split lunge that I can’t even begin to describe in writing. And I was told that I’m allowed to test out some cardio in a “controlled environment” (i.e. the gym, where I can stop if I experience any SI issues).  Thrilled to have some new moves added to my repertoire, I completed my longest (though still not at all intense) workout in weeks!

Activities: Spin, Elliptical, & Strength Training
Relevant Stats:  49 minutes (10 spin, 7 elliptical, 32 strength training)
Observations:  This was a definite cardio fail.  The spinning didn’t feel great, particularly as I raised the tension. The elliptical felt equally unpleasant, also correlated to tension. And, since I’m of the mind that there’s no point in using gym cardio equipment if you can’t crank the tension up high, I abandoned all hope and resumed strength training. On the plus side, I was able to add split lunges and side planks.

Activities: Elliptical and Strength Training
Relevant Stats:  55 minutes (35 minutes elliptical!!!!!! 20 minutes strength)
Observations: Oh my god, there was actual glistening sweat!!! I felt like I could have gone much longer on the elliptical but was still fearful of the dreaded post-workout injury relapse so I opted to stop short and see how I felt the next day.  I added in more split lunges and v-sit ups and leg raises. And, just when I was feeling invincible, I got up off the mat and my SI spasmed like there was no tomorrow. I still have a long way to go. Sigh.

Activities: Elliptical
Relevant Stats:  40 minutes
Observations:  Today was my first personal training session, which included zero training and 100% mobility assessment.  I underwent a litany of tests to demonstrate my flexibility and form and, in the end, my evil left hip seems out to get me. It isn’t adducting properly (I say that as if I really understand what it means) and it’s slightly higher than my right hip. So yeah, I’m basically tilted.  But all of that seems okay in the grand scheme of things because my general movement and flexible isn’t terrible and, apparently, I respond quickly to adjustments.  I am also now incorporating some strange and wonderful new stretch/exercises to my repertoire that will help my hip function more correctly before I dive into the activities recommended by my physiotherapist.  Sweet jesus, there is a lot to keep track of.

Overall, I feel good about my progress this week. Initially, I set a goal of reintegrating lower body strength exercises and some cardio and nailed both of those goals, with increasing intensity throughout the week. In honour of this albeit minimal progress, I give myself a firm:


Next week’s goals: begin single leg strength exercises (unweighted) and have at least two one-hour cardio days with reintegration of my beloved spin bike.


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