Let’s make the Ultimate Pear Shape the new “it” body type!

I’m going to start my own body type trend and I’m going to call it the ULTIMATE pear shape.  The poor pear-shaped figure isn’t a highly coveted one.  In fact, I’d say most women of the pear-shaped variety lament their fruitful figures.  I’m not only going to change that but I’m also going take it to the next level! pear

Little in the middle but got much back…wait, that’s something else entirely…

As you may know, I’ve recently been relegated to engaging in far more upper body exercise than I’ve ever wanted. At the same time, I literally feel as though my leg, butt and ab muscles are simultaneously atrophying, developing increasingly alarming “jiggly-ness” (the official, medical term), and growing exponentially…wider.

In my experience, one can either fight these things or embrace them, and I’ve chosen to temporarily embrace them.  And by “chosen”, I mean I’ve been forced into it by a lack of lower body mobility. Regardless, I’m going to give my all to letting by bottom half grow while pursuing the most insanely super fit upper body possible, thus creating the ultimate pear shape.

You see, a normal pear shaped body type is characterized simply by a disproportionately smaller upper half (and therefore a disproportionately larger bottom half). The ultimate pear shape keeps the larger lower half, but elevates it by making sure that it’s not just larger but also a jiggling, mushy, weakened mess; it also keeps the smaller upper half, but elevates it by making sure it’s super ripped and muscular.  It’s the perfect storm of a dichotomous body.

I think I’m already half-way to making this new shape my own reality and, just maybe, convincing the world that this look is the next “it” look.  Unless, of course, I am able to get back on the lower body strength train soon.  If that should occur, let’s just forget I ever brought this up (although I still want credit if this becomes part of everyday vernacular).


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