Well, things couldn’t get any worse than last week from a lack of activity perspective so let’s all bask in the awesomeness of my ‘progress’ this week.

Activity: Spin & elliptical
Relevant Stats: 45 minutes on both
Ugh, nothing makes the soul hurt more than being forced to spend 1.5 hours in the gym on the weekend. Despite dehydration (i.e. a hangover) and the elliptical not being as horrid as I remembered, I still left the gym discouraged and promptly dropped way too much money on unnecessary clothing. One should not go to a gym downtown.

Activity: Unapproved hike
Relevant Stats: 8.4 km, 766 m elevation gain
I wasn’t supposed to hike over the weekend weekend but I’ll be damned if I will let a sunny, 20-degree April day go to waste. Also, I wanted to pre-emptively burn calories for a planned fish and chips dinner at the beach. And you know what, I don’t regret a second of this hike. My SI was fine and the views were worth any risk of injury.

Activity: elliptical
Relevant Stats: 60 min.
It was an elliptical miracle! I don’t know how I lasted an hour, especially as the one elliptical with the little adjustor for ‘climbing’ looked directly at a blank wall.

Activity: Spin & Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 11 min elliptical, 49 min spin (mostly sprint intervals)
Today was a magical day of workouts fuelled by optimism because I was given the all clear to try running again. I opted for one last day of non-running training, especially since I had just got a physio adjustment, and went to the dreaded gym. Funny how knowing you can run outside again can make the gym infinitely more tolerable…so much so that I voluntarily did sprints!!!

Activity: OMG A RUN!!!!!!
Relevant Stats: 9.4km, average pace of 5:40/km
Observations: It was slow and it was hard after a week without running, but damn it felt good.The sun was shining. The flowers were in bloom. The water was sparkling. It was a picture perfect Vancouver Spring run.

Activity: Planned rest day
Relevant Stats: Deep fried pickle consumption: 1/2 order, Beer Consumption: 2 passionfruit ales, Wine Consumption: 2 glasses
I consider it a wise choice to take a rest day following my first run in a week. Although it wasn’t a long break from running, it was just long enough to notice a difference, and my muscles were more sore than usual following the fun. Look at me being thoughtful about rest and recovery. Progress. On the diet front, much less progress was demonstrated.

Activity: Spin & Elliptical
Relevant Stats: 35 minutes elliptical, 10 minute spin
Thursday’s diet indiscretions, not surprisingly, led to a sluggish and unproductive workout. I planned to run but I was feeling some tightness around my tailbone that was concerning so I opted for yet another elliptical/spin session. I estimate I burned maybe 250 calories and spent 100% of the time staring at the clock ticking down minutes. At least it’s Friday right?

Consensus on this week? A half-hearted:
twir 6


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