Travel Training Fail

I have a confession to make. After posting about my diligence with travel training, I have discredited myself as a qualified purveyor of advice by taking an unprecedented (and very unplanned) four day hiatus from working out and training. I had all my gear packed. I had not only a hotel gym, but also pristine palm-tree lined streets for running. I had a plan to work out two of the four days. Everything was in order for meeting these goals.

And yet I did not complete a single workout. Not one. This has literally not happened in over 10 years. Even in the midst of particularly exhausting or busy travels, I’ve at least managed to fit in 20 minute runs here or there. But not this time.

I could blame a lot of things. I could blame the calf/hamstring/lower back stiffness that I experienced after walking 84km in four days (conversely, I could try to claim that walking 84km over four days constituted working out). I could blame the exhaustion caused by standing or walking for 10-12 hours per day. I could blame the beer. Or the wine. Or the sangria. I could blame the Mickey Mouse pretzel. I could blame the arepas. I could blame the table-side guacamole that would’ve served 6 but ended up serving just the two of us. There’s an infinitely long list of potential scapegoats for my lack of travel workouts. And yet, the truth of the matter is I can blame no one other than myself.

In the past, I would’ve beaten myself up about this. Instead, I’m choosing to be productive. Alas, I have a firm plan of action to get back on track, one that commenced today with a harder-than-it-should’ve-felt 11km hike and will continue tomorrow with a hill repeat run and then on the weekend with back-to-back hikes. It will also involve considerably less sangria, and beer, and wine, and Mickey Mouse pretzels, and mid-afternoon appies and ice cream. After all, the only thing we can do when we have failures, big or small, is get back on that horse.



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