Can you believe it’s Friday already? That means it’s time to take a dive deep into this week’s training shenanigans.  Without further adieu, here we go!

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 1.5(ish km) on Stanley Glacier, 10.2 km on Boom Lake, 185m of elevation gain
Observations: Back in the glorious Rockies, we attempted Stanley Glacier only to find crusty snow and post-holing hell.  We abandoned it in favour of an easy jaunt to Boom Lake, which felt decidedly less easy after last week‘s runs.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 12km, 625 m of elevation gain
Observations: Despite an epic Saturday night out in Banff (i.e copious amounts of alcohol and deep fried foods combined with minimal sleep), I somehow emerged hangover free and ready to hit the trail. I was filled with boundless energy and a renewed love for the splendour of the rockies.  Even the need to constantly add/remove microspikes didn’t diminish my enthusiasm.

Activity: Much-needed rest day of champions.
Relevant Stats: 5 hours of sitting on my ass in cars/airplanes
Observations: After the aforementioned excessive sitting, we returned to a glorious (and rare) day of Vancouver sunshine. As everyone in Vancouver does, we immediately dropped our things and went outside to take advantage of the sun and fit in a leisurely 6km walk.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 11-12km (my GPS app was being finicky), 156 m elevation gain, average pace of 5:33 km/min.
Observations: I went out hoping for a 15-17km run in the sunshine.  During the course of my run, I went through precisely 11 distinct mental states: 1) I can’t do this. 2) Why are my legs so tired? 3) Ok, now that I’ve slowed my pace things seem manageable. 4) This is going well. 5) Nope, I was wrong. It’s not going well. 6) Ok, now that I’m back to downhill it’s ok. 7) No it’s not.  I’m cutting out the loop around Lost Lagoon and back down Denman. 8) I shouldn’t be so lazy. I’ll do the loop and cut back down Denman. 9) No I won’t. I’m heading back. 10) Maybe I should have done the extra distance. I feel great. 11) I take that back. I am dying and can barely make it back to the office.

Activity: Spin
Relevant Stats: 57 minutes
Observations: All I can say is I hate sprint intervals. With the fire of a thousand suns. I showed my defiance by stopping three minutes shy of my planned 60 minute session.  In your face, sprints!

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 13.73 km, 184m elevation gain, average pace of 5:42/km
Observations: Every once in a while when you think your run is going to suck, it doesn’t. Although I hoped for a sustained hill run from downtown to the top of QE park, I thought for sure I would give up. I bargained with myself the entire run (i.e. giving myself outs at a series of major intersections) but far exceeded my expectations. I credit sunshine and cherry blossoms for my victory.

Activity: Solo Bootcamp-style workout
Relevant Stats:
50 minutes
I am starting to think my colleagues fear my boot camps so much so that they now find all manner of excuses not to attend. This saddens me as 1) it means that I have to do weird-looking exercises without a herd of others around me to make me feel as though we don’t look ridiculous and 2) I didn’t get to boss people around and 3) I really lack the motivation to do a super-hard-core workout on my own. This resulted in a mish-mash of running, stairs, squats, jumps, push ups, tricep dips, walking lunges and core work. It sounds harder than it was…or at least it sounds harder than I pushed myself.

I think we can all agree that I am not making considerable progress with distance nor endurance. I did, however, go to physiotherapy and sign up for a race in May all in the span of one week. That deserves recognition, right? Okay, even I can see I’m rationalizing.

This week’s rating:

didn't try


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