Happy Good Friday! It’s time to get our TWIR on (training week in review for those not in the know).  I’d like to say I had a more focused and intentional approach to training this week but I did not. Instead, here is a summary of what I managed to accomplish:

Activity: Hill repeats/running
Relevant Stats: 17.26 km, 280m elevation gain, average pace of 5:53 min/km
Observations: First official attempt to apply a training technique! Lo and behold, slowing your pace works and I managed to knock out my longest run in roughly five years.

Activity: Glorious and lone rest day of the week
Relevant Stats: Hosted brunch for 10, attended Easter dinner.
Observations: This was my first of two consecutive Sunday Easter turkey dinners. I feel no shame for my current or future turkey consumption. Gluttony and sloth unite in beautiful harmony and I take fewer than 1000 steps the entire day.

Activity: Run/Spin
Relevant Stats: 3 km run, 52 min spin
Observations: After the stellar success of Saturday’s training run, I expect motivation to be at an all-time high.  As with many things in life, my expectations go unmet. En route to the office, I run to the gym with a backpack holding my change of clothes and other things needed to make me look un-gross following my workout.  The consensus: running with a giant backpack sucks and causes spin to be a completely unspirited ride. I blame both Sunday’s gluttony and the backpack for this failure.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 15 km, average pace 5:41 min/km
Observations: My enthusiasm for working out rebounds with the exciting return of partial sunshine (!!!!!). I once again employ the slow pace technique and find this an easy run from an endurance perspective. What is decidedly not easy is slowing my pace on a road run. If anyone has tips for this, I am all ears.

Activity: Spin/Core
Relevant Stats: 60 min spin intervals, 10 min core
Observations: God, I hate sprint intervals. I am built for endurance, not speed. I dream of the days when my old spin instructor used to do 20 minute hill pyramids. Of course, everyone else hated those…But I digress. Core work is much-needed but painful as my sacroiliac has been acting up. On the plus side, this prompted me to finally book a physio appointment to get it checked out.

Activity: Hike
Relevant Stats: 9km return, 729m elevation gain, average pace 11:45 min/km
Observations: My observations are three-fold on this impromptu hike. 1. I am slower downhill than uphill on steep trails 2. I should stop doing steep trails as punishment for poor food and beverage choices throughout the week 3. If you weren’t already aware, drinking a half bottle of wine and a cocktail on a weeknight constitutes poor beverage choices, and will slow your pace.

Activity: Run
Relevant Stats: 9km, average pace 5:20/km, pigeon attack count: 2
Observations: Morning running is one of my least favourite things. I avoid it all costs, except when forced to by things like morning flights for Easter holidays. As expected, it is slow to start but gradually gets better as I daydream of being back at home stuffing breakfast in my face in between shots of espresso. In fact, that mental picture is so appealing that I run my last km at a 4:28 min/km pace.  Also, the pigeons have read my blog and are really out to get me now.

This week’s self-rating:

half ass


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