Training Week in Review (TWIR): Week #1

Welcome to the first official TWIR! This is exciting for two reasons: 1. ultra marathon training is officially underway (okay, so ‘officially underway’ is a boldface lie, but it sounds better than ‘somewhat underway’ or ‘hasn’t actually started but I always work out six days a week so this looks sort of impressive’) and 2. who doesn’t love a good acronym?

Let’s get this TWIR started (see, catchy isn’t it?):

Monday:  Official registration in the Mount Robson ultra. In celebration, I manage to fit in a lackluster combo of spin and HIIT. Side note: wearing glasses while using the TRX is one of the worst workout experiences imaginable.

Tuesday: I plan on an “extra long run” but end up with only 11 km on predominantly flat ground before calling it a day. Inner rationalization: I have six months left to train so what’s the rush?

Wednesday: I barely make it to the gym, my workout fueled entirely by Ibuprofen and a desperate need to temporarily escape the office.  I knock out a sorry 55 minutes on the spin bike.  Again, I remind myself of my seemingly infinite training window.  Also, being the totally creepy gym-goer that I am, I observe that I’m using a tension three levels higher than the guy next to me, which makes me feel superior…and like I am clearly a fitness ninja.

Thursday: 12.5km run in the sunshine watching cherry blossom sway in the wind.  It is almost a poetically beautiful experience. I felt like I could’ve kept running for much longer, and yet I didn’t.  I read once that you should end a run while you still feel strong enough to keep running. I also read you shouldn’t increase your mileage by more than 10% at a time, and this already exceeded a 10% increase over Tuesday’s run. I like to knowingly misinterpret real advice to suit my needs, and then treat it like gospel.

Friday:  I lead a boot camp for my colleagues every Friday, even though I have no idea what I’m doing from a training perspective.  I cannot provide counsel on form or modifications.  Once, one of my colleagues got bursitis care of one of my workouts.  Yet they continue to join in the fun, and sometimes they tell me my workouts are brutal, so I figure I must be doing something right.  Also, it provides me the opportunity to boss people around which I secretly love (although now not-so-secretly, since some of them read this–hi guys!!!! love you!!!!). Today is not a great workout for me. My sacroiliac is bugging me and, evidently, running stairs does not make it happier.  My colleagues abandon me 28 minutes in. Without anyone to boss around, I only make it another 20 minutes before calling it a day.

Self-rating on TWIR #1:

i tried

Except I really didn’t.  On the bright side, training can only go uphill from here!


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