So that happened

I am not a runner.

This is a pretty deeply entrenched story in my mind.  I run, but not seriously.   These days I rarely run farther than 12km at a time.

But even when I ran 22km every Saturday and 2-3 additional 15 km runs per week, I never felt like a runner. I didn’t (and don’t) have the build of a “real runner”. I didn’t consider myself disciplined. I didn’t consider myself serious about it. I certainly didn’t take fuelling and nutrition seriously. I never ran for time.  I never wanted to compete.  It all just seemed so decidedly casual that it couldn’t be possible that I was a runner.

I ran a half marathon.

I ran a full marathon. In the mountains.

I trail ran 25km all the time when I lived in Banff.

I have run on road or trail for varying distances for 11 years now.

Still, I can’t call myself myself a runner.

So I’m not a runner. But damn it, I’m going to run an ultra this year. I signed up for the Mount Robson Ultra, a measly 50km jaunt over the river and through the woods. The race is September 10th, just ever-so-shy of 6 months from now.

Follow my journey. Celebrate my insanity.  Expect a lot of bitching and moaning.  This is not a running blog.  This is a space to document my anticipated mental anguish care of what will surely be a ludicrously unconventional training plan (read: I am not willing to sacrifice my social life nor wine “hobby”).  If I survive, I can knock “run an ultra” off my bucket list, proudly declare myself a runner, and promptly plunge face first into a giant vat of wine.




3 thoughts on “So that happened”

  1. Can’t wait to be there to cheer you across the finish line Parky! Maybe I’ll even run with you and slow you down for the last 100 metres because I too am definitely not a runner.


    1. Parks!! This is amazing! Can’t wait to follow along. This is a crazy impressive goal and you most definitely ARE a runner in my eyes!


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